Free Easy Bunny Pattern

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I’m seeing lots of signs of Spring. How about you? I love this time of year. Easter is just around the corner, too, so I thought I’d post a little bunny project including the bunny pattern and tutorial.  Wouldn’t they be cute tucked into an Easter basket or set among your Spring displays?

Here’s what you do.

  • Download and print out this bunny pattern. Cut out the pattern.

Bunny Pattern

  • Find some cute spring cotton fabric. This is perfect for scraps of fabric you may already have.
  • Pin the pattern onto your fabric and cut two pieces. The pattern includes a 1/4″ seem allowance.
  • Sew around the bunny using a 1/4″ seem allowance. Leave the bottom open for stuffing.
  • Optional: Using pinking shears trim the edges. This keeps the edges from fraying and keeps the seems from puckering.

  • Stuff using fiber fill. Using only small pieces at a time is easier to get into the tighter spaces and gives a smoother finish.
  • Hand sew the bottom closed.

  • Using yarn in a coordinating color make a pom pom tail. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that. You can also use a large pom pom found in craft or fabric stores. Hot glue the tail to the back of the bunny.
  • Finish by tying a coordinating bow around the neck.

All done and so easy. Enjoy! And I hope you have an awesome Spring!

Cute and Easy Bunny Pattern

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  1. Photobucket does not allow me to print the pattern. It comes up with a blank page and the next page has advertising. I would really like to have the pattern but I have tried several times with the same result. I would appreciate it if you could send me the pattern.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  5. That’s lovely! Your bunny project is perfect for the season.

  6. The pattern no longer exists. 🙁

  7. Dru’s free bunny pattern opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, this project promises crafting joy, offering a delightful way to celebrate the season and add a personalized touch to your festive decor.

  8. Hi. I am searching Pinterest for bunny patterns. I want a bunny that sits. This one is cute. I just would like to know how it’s able to sit if there isn’t a bottom to the pattern. It appears to be two pieces sewn together and I am not understanding what allows the bunny to stay upright. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Creative and cute bunnies, I’d like a more detailed tutorial, can you share it?

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