Things To Do With A Loaf Of French Bread

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French Bread Loaf Recipe

Don’t you love walking into a grocery store and smelling french bread baking? Many stores bake their french bread in the afternoon so they have fresh loaves for those shopping for dinner. I love the hard crust and soft insides of this yummy bread, plus, the price of a whole loaf only costs around $2.00 – $3.00. 

I’ve gathered a bunch of french bread recipes from around the web to show all the options there are. I guarantee you’re going to want to go buy a loaf after seeing these recipes.

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Gift Ideas For Mom


Mothers Day Roundup Collage 2

Do you ever have a hard time deciding on a gift for mom? We’ve gathered some fun gift ideas that any mom would love and we hope they’re helpful in your quest to find that perfect gift.

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Best Soup Recipes For Families

Soup Roundup Collage

I don’t know many who are not fans of a nice warm bowl of soup. It’s so comforting and a meal all it’s own. I love that it’s easy to make and can be put in a crock pot in the morning to cook throughout the day or whipped up in under an hour in the evening. Soup is great for leftovers and most of the time tastes even better the next day.

Our family will often gather together for bread bowls and a variety of different soups. We try and choose soups that both the young and old will like and gobble up. In my search for different soups to try I’ve come across these that I think will fit the bill.

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A Gathering of Our Halloween Ideas

Are you looking for some Halloween inspiration?  We’ve gathered together our past Halloween posts all in one place and hope they will give you some ideas.

A Gathering of Halloween Ideas From Polka Dot Poplars

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