Hello! My name is Brittany. I am your typical young mom, wife of a sweet, hardworking, man and lover of anything that has to do with style!  I adore anything that has to do with hair, makeup, or clothes.  No, I am not a professional, but hopefully that will change in a couple years.  I have a huge passion for helping others feel beautiful inside and out! I am so excited to share the tips I have run across, including my favorite things and tips and tricks.


I often feel like my life is full of day to day monotony and we do have long days as mothers, but between listening to my three year old talk nonstop about what goes on when he goes potty (I swear it’s a boy thing!), picking up toys nonstop, building forts out of blankets, kissing boo-boos or listening to my son cracking up to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it is SO worth it to me!

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 It is safe to say that our life gets a little bit hectic sometimes!  My sweet husband is currently in flight school and working full time and it’s been a big adjustment for us, just because he gets so busy, but he is the love of my life! I absolutely love being a wife and mother!

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Dave and I met at a friends house late one evening through mutual friends. We exchanged phone numbers, started texting back and forth, then dated seriously and got hitched on June 10.  It’s been a wonderful almost 7 years, but marriage has it’s ups and downs.  No, I am not going to try and hide that we haven’t had our moments and that our marriage is perfect, but we are working at trying to make it so!


I am excited about starting this blog journey! The best part? Meeting new friends!

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