Ikea Straw Bag Hack

Have you been thinking about gift ideas for Christmas like I have? I am a big fan of giving gifts that are homemade or have my personal touch on them. I think it means so much to the receiver to have been given a gift that I’ve put some thought and time into.


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What is the Best Laundry Detergent?


Well, it depends. There are a lot of variables! 

Recently, I was washing blankets and quilts at a laundry mat and I overheard a conversation that got me thinking about my experience with laundry detergent. The owner of the laundry mat saw someone using Sun Detergent and told him that it only contained 20% soap and the rest of it was fillers and water. Hmmm….I knew this was a detergent found at the dollar store and very inexpensive, but it sounds like you’re getting what you pay for with this one. The owner did say that he has been using Kirklands detergent found at Costco and was a great value for what you get.

I got busy doing some research and here’s what I’ve found from several onsite reviews. These are the most common in alphabetical order. These reviews are of each detergent brand as a whole. (See what I use and my thoughts below.)

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DIY Harem Pants

Hi all! Have you guys been seeing these cute harem pants everywhere!? My instagram feed is just full of these cute toddlers in THE cutest harem pants or MC Hammer pants as my husband calls them. The jury is still out on if he likes them but I LOVE them and am planning on making a TON more! Sorry babe!



Now I am NOT a seamstress by any means. I sort of just winged it. I started by getting a yard of knit fabric and measured around some of his other pants and adding two inches. I cut the crotch on the fold of the fabric. I then cut out another one and laid them right sides together. I sewed along the crotch and both sides of the legs. I then turned them right side out. I got another strip of fabric about 12 inches long and 5 inches wide to make the waist band, I sewed the 2 sides together to make it a loop.  You could always add some elastic at this point but I liked the idea of a sort of yoga pant top. I started to gather one side of the pants and pined them to the waistband and went all the way around. Make sure your gathers are even on the back and front of the pants. This is the trickiest part. All I did then was to cuff the bottoms and I tried them on my little guy. The legs were a little fatter then I wanted them so I went in another inch around the crotch and that made it tons better.

PicMonkey Collagev10

They look super comfy and how cute would they be for a little baby girl or even a big girl! My twins are wanting some, too. If you make some of your own please come back and share!!


Zulily Maternity Fashion Week

We’ve got a new baby coming to our family; our Brittany is expecting and we’re so excited. So, we’ve got maternity on the mind and our affiliate, Zulily is having an amazing sale this week on maternity clothing. It’s so good we just had to pass this information along to you.

It’s Maternity Fashion Week at zulily – shop from top maternity brands!
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

zulily Maternity Fashion Week
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