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Food on a Board

One of my favorite things to do is throw a party and I’ve planned many in my days. It’s the food, the people, the planning, and the atmosphere that I love. Keep reading below to find out how I put together the food for this Christmas party and some of my tips for having a successful party.

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It’s Day 5 and we are sharing Holiday Party Food Ideas!


How To Plan a Successful Party

  • Start With a Theme – After deciding to have a party the first thing I do is come up with a theme. Having a theme is a jumping off place for me in the type of food, decor, and fun I create. For this party I decided on a Winter Theme. 

Winter Party

I have this large sled and thought it would be fun to put a charcuterie board on top. (A charcuterie board is a cutting board that usually consists of meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruit.) I then built the table up to look wintery with batting for snow, fake snowballs, greenery, and trees. Just use your imagination. Here’s what it looked like before the food.

Winter Buffet Table

I used two cutting boards on top of the sled. One of my tricks is to use different heights in my display. It’s more pleasing to the eye. I used the tall trees on one side and balanced them out by using a two tiered tray and a winter owl on the other side. The sleighs are set at a medium height and then the “snow”, “snowballs”, and greenery are the lowest. To add height to a table you could use bowls or pans turned upside down with a napkin or tablecloth covering them to create stands for your food.

  • Food Menu – One of the most important things at a party is the food. The menu is most often the hardest part of the party and I have found that if I have to cook all day the day of the party I get too overwhelmed and can’t enjoy it. I will usually go the easy route by buying already prepared food that I can just set out, an easy BBQ, or I will have others help by bringing some of the food. This charcuterie board is basically finger food that I’ve picked up already prepared and people can serve themselves. I also try to have a nice variety to appeal to all tastes. Also, be sure to have plenty of food available because you don’t want to run out too early, but don’t go overboard and have tons of left overs which I have a tendency to do. 

Desserts at a party

Party Food

  • Paper, Plastic, or Real? – For plates, cups, and utensils it’s always easiest to go with the throw away kind, but I like to decide what to use by what kind of occasion or party I am having. If it’s casual and there are a lot of people paper and plastic is the way to go every time. But, if it’s a small dinner for a few people think about using your nicer dishes or china. If your party is a little more fancy or it’s celebrating the accomplishments of someone you may want to also use nice dishes or paper and plastic that is nicer visually. They make some really pretty partyware now. 
  • Music and Fun – Most of the time people like to just visit with each other which is all the entertainment you will need. Be sure to keep your music at a volume that’s not too loud where people have to shout, but still can be heard. A game is also fun, especially around the holidays. We like to play the White Elephant Game with a twist by using this game board. Click the picture to find out how to make your own.

Game Wheel

Game Wheel

  • The Little Extras – The little extra touches you create help to make your party memorable and fun. For instance, using a sled for a food display is so much more enjoyable than laying all the plates on the table. If there are kids coming be sure to have some fun things for them to do. When appropriate I like to give party favors to everyone to take home to remember their time at the party. For this party I bundled up some warm gloves, hot chocolate, and an ornament with some ribbon. Each gift is about .75 cents.

party favor

bowl of party favors

Keep a Budget In Mind – Food and beverages will be the most expensive part of your party, but you don’t have to buy expensive food or be extravagant. Pick out food that is good quality and that everyone enjoys. Here I’ve got:

  • Deli Meats – Ham, Turkey, Salami, Pepperoni
  • Cheeses – Colby Jack, Brie
  • Dips – Spinach Artichoke, Green Chili and Cheese
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Crackers and Breads
  • Candy and Nuts
  • Small Finger Food Desserts From the Bakery – Cookies, Brownies, Mini Pies
  • Pretzels and Snack Foods
  • Water, Juices, Sodas, Hot Chocolate

Easy Party Food

Use items you already have to decorate a table. Use flowers, greens, or limbs from your garden as a centerpiece. If it’s a holiday party you are throwing use inexpensive decor from the dollar store or balloons in the holiday’s colors. A party doesn’t need to cost a lot, but a successful party needs to look like a party.

  • Miscellaneous Information – Try to have ample seating so people can sit if they want to. Move furniture around or use the largest living space you have to throw your party in. Your guests will want to be able to move around comfortably. And make sure the temperature is comfortable. Having a large group in your home can make it feel hot. You may need to open some windows.

I know entertaining can seem so overwhelming and hard because you want everything to be perfect and there are so many details to cover, but with good planning and not waiting until the last minute to do everything is key to a successful party. In the end when it’s all over and cleaned up you will feel satisfied and happy that you’ve brought some fun and enjoyment into the lives of your family and friends.

One Final Tip……Don’t forget to mingle and talk to each person that comes to your party. You certainly want everyone to feel welcomed. And don’t forget to have fun yourself and take lots of pictures for years of memories.

Party Tips


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Christmas Party Food Ideas

Here’s another example of a party our family had:

China Party


Scroll down for many more Holiday Party Food Ideas for your holiday season!


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  1. Excellent tips here! I also use a sleigh on my party food table but my table definitely doesn’t look as good as yours! Will be using your tips to up my party hosting game – thank you 🙂

    • Thank you so very much. Don’t you just love the look of a sleigh on your table. Would love to see a picture of yours.

  2. That sled display is absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t care what you served when it’s served on such a beautiful display! So many wonderful Christmas party ideas. Definitely saving for reference! Thank you for sharing all of your tips and ideas we us!

    • Thank you so much. I really enjoy putting a party table together and have learned what works best over the years. Your comments are so sweet.

  3. I love your party tip. I always stress out with the thought of having a crowd over. I really like the idea of the sled. It makes for a unique display and is sure to be an icebreaker.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful spread! I have Christmas spread envy!

  5. Gorgeous buffet presentation! Using the sled is such a fun idea! Your party spread looks so inviting!

  6. Planning parties are so much fun! My mom has always said “start with a theme” Your party looks so much fun & the food looks awesome!

  7. I love the sled! Such a fun idea! I also love the owl, and all that food looks yummy!

  8. This looks amazing! I’m always wanting to plan parties like this, but I have a rather small house, so I can’t do a whole lot. But I pinned this, and plan to try and do it on a smaller scale! Oh, and those photos are amazing, too. I’m getting hungry just looking at them!

  9. It all looks amazing! I love how you’ve arranged everything.

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