Christmas Auction Game

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Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop theme is games. I love playing games, but after playing the white elephant game for years at Christmas parties I decided it was time to change things up and make the game a bit more exciting. So, I’m introducing “Christmas Let’s Make a Deal” Auction. A special thanks to Oriental Trading Company for sponsoring this post. Keep scrolling down to see instructions.

Christmas Game Display

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OK. To start the game you will ask each person who is playing to bring a nice gift that they would want to receive. Be sure to set a dollar limit. Also, ask them to bring a white elephant gift, something funny, or a gag gift. They will need to wrap both.

White Elephant Game

Christmas Auction Game Supplies


To prepare for the game you will need the following:

  • Numbered circles for Auction Game Paddles or white paper plates with numbers written on them.
  • Paint sticks, pencils, or dowels
  • Spinner board (Oriental Trading Company) You could also make your own by following the directions here.
  • Fake money (Oriental Trading Company)

Play Money

  • Eight containers or boxes marked 1-8.
  • Envelopes
  • 3×5” cards
  • Candy Canes (Oriental Trading Company)
  • Christmas pencils (Oriental Trading Company)

Game Table

Christmas Auction Game To Do’s


  • Make an auction paddle for each person. I made mine by printing out the numbered circles that I’ve included here (Auction Game Paddles). Cut them out and tape or glue them on a paint stick, pencil, or other like item. I made them a little more fancy by adding a sticker and matted the circles with another red circle. You could also use paper plates and write numbers on them.
  • If you make your own spinner you can use this tutorial, but instead of using the printable you can make your own or use a marker to divide the circle into 8 pie shapes and number each section 1-8.
  • Decide how much fake money each person will get to bid with. Divide the money and place in an envelope for each person.
  • On the 3×5” cards write out other “prizes” like:
    • Choose another gift.
    • Here’s more money to bid with.
    • Sorry, no gift for you. Try bidding on another gift.
    • You have won the grand prize.
    • You get two gifts. Choose two.
    • You’ve won a candy cane.
    • You’ve won a super-duper Christmas pencil.
    • Tell a joke and you will get to exchange your gift for another or keep the one you have.
    • Spin the wheel again.
    • Pick someone to exchange places with. They get to pick a gift now and you are without.
    • You have a choice. If you would like you can “steal” a prize from someone who has already bid and opened their gift or keep the gift you bid on.
    • Choose a candy bar of your choice in addition to your gift.
  • Make 8 of each card. Place each of these cards in an envelope. Place each group of envelopes, 1-8,  in a numbered container or box. I used decorative bags. (I’ve created an Additional Gifts Printable of these options if you would like to use them and a printable for the box numbers.)
  • Choose an MC or leader/auctioneer to run the game.

How To Play The Christmas Auction Game


  • Give each person an auction paddle and an envelope of “money”.
  • Tell everyone the rules and guidelines of the game.
  • The auctioneer will choose a gift that was brought to start with. The participants can start bidding in any dollar increments they would like. The auctioneer will try to get everyone bidding to bid more. Not everyone has to play each auction. They can choose which auctions to enter.
  • When bidding on each gift has ended have each winner go to the auctioneer. At that point the auctioneer will tell them they can keep their gift or spin the wheel for another gift. They won’t be able to unwrap the first gift.
  • If they decide to keep their gift, they can then sit down. Their turn is over and bidding for a new gift can begin.
  • If they decide to spin the wheel, they will give their gift back and spin the wheel. Whatever number they land on they can choose an envelope from the corresponding box. Have them do what the card says, and their turn is over. The auctioneer can choose a new gift or use the same gift to start the bidding again.
  • Continue the game until the gifts are gone.

Christmas Spinner

Christmas Auction Game Suggested Guidelines


  • After someone gets two gifts, they are frozen from bidding further until everyone else has gotten two. If there are more gifts after that and they still have money to bid with they can start bidding again.
  • Suggest to the participants that they can bid on more than one gift and to keep that in mind while they are bidding.
  • Money can not be combined with another person’s money. That just wouldn’t be fair.
  • After each person gets a gift and their turn is over, they can open it. It is now their gift to keep. Their gift cannot get stolen unless someone chooses an envelope that tells them they can.
  • Gifts can be swapped after the game is completely over.
  • Another option is to have the auctioneer keep a bit of money in their pocket and offer them bidding dollars to use in another auction instead of keeping their gift.

Christmas Table Decor

There’s a good chance that several people will either get two great presents or two gag gifts. That’s the chance they will take. Hopefully everyone will get a good gift and a funny gift or gifts they are happy with. Anyone with money left will have to give it back.

Note: For the grand prize the host can create a gift that is worth more than any of the others. This prize will be placed away from the others and the other “Grand Prize” cards are no longer in play.

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  1. What a fun idea! I definitely want to go the auction!

  2. What a fun game – a little different twist on the ones I’m participated in. I love this one!

  3. This looks fun! I love the way you’ve set it up.

  4. What a sweet idea! We have a holiday raffle at my church every year and this would be such a fun way to mix things up!

  5. Playing games on Christmas increases double fun. you gave another idea for the game. I like to see it. I love the way you’ve set it up. we all like playing games at Christmas, next Christmas, I play this game with my family. I also appreciate your decorating work. I know it’s not easy work after long thinking has ideas in mind. coloring combination is nice because I like the red color very much.

  6. Does one of each of the 8 cards go into each envelope? Or, do all the same go in the envelope?

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