Fourth of July Pennant Flag

I love summer and all the fun that goes with it, especially around the 4th of July. Being an Army wife this day means so much to me so I go all out with my decorating. Here’s a Fourth of July banner flag I made for this coming Independence Day.

Here’s what I did:

Instructions for Fourth of July Pennant Flag


  • Cut a banner shape out of heavy canvas. Mine measured 22 inches wide and 28″ long.

  • I wanted a more finished edge so I hemmed the edge. Canvas doesn’t fray a lot so you could leave the edges raw.

  • Depending on the dowel width you’re using sew a casing on the top in the width you need. My dowel is 1 1/2″.
  • On the side you’ll be painting paint a layer of gesso over the whole piece. Let dry. This will help protect it and add some weight so it won’t fly around in the wind if you’re hanging it outside.
  • Using a ruler or straight edge draw a number 4 in the center. You could print a large 4 off your computer, cut it out, and use it as a template. I just eyeballed it.

  • I found some alphabet stickers in the font I wanted and used those as templates for my word “four”.
  • Using red acrylic paint and a brush fill in your 4 and the word “four”. I did two coats. Let dry.

4th 1

  • Optional: Using a water based stain and a rag rub the stain all over your flag. I like the antiqued look so I stained mine.
  • Insert your dowel through the casing and hang with rope or jute. I found a cute flag banner and hung it above.

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4th of July Pennant Flag


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