Traveling to San Diego

Last week my kids were on spring break and I decided that this year we were going to do something fun!!  So at the last minute I packed up my kids and headed to San Diego!


I had never been but, guys it’s beautiful! It was just me and four kids headed across three states to spend some time in the sun! Because it was so last minute I used the app, Hotel Tonight, to find a great deal on a hotel. We stayed at The Dana on Mission Bay.


The hotel was beautiful! It was right on the water with a walking path all the way around. There were beautiful grounds, fantastic rooms, and two pools to enjoy. My kid’s favorite pool had a sand area to play in and at night they played a poolside movie! We were in heaven! It’s located right next to SeaWorld so we were able to walk right to the park! 



I had never been to SeaWorld and I was so excited to be able to experience it with my kids. When you first walk in they have tide pools where you can touch different sea life; sharks, fish, manta rays, etc. My kid’s favorite by far were these little freshwater fish that sort of eat the dead skin cells on your hand. It feels tickly and they kept wanting to go back.



My three girls ages 8,8, and 7 were able to ride all the rides and I had plenty to entertain my 2 year old while we were waiting for them.



The exhibits are spectacular and he just loved them. There is a Sesame Street area with smaller rides and play areas that were perfect for him and my girls to play on.


We had to see some shows while we were there and our favorite was Pets Rule with rescued pets and, of course, the One Ocean Show with the killer whales.  My kids loved all the tricks the dogs and cats did and then getting splashed by the whales!



I liked that this time of year there weren’t that many crowds and we were able to go and see everything without fighting the heat and hordes of people.  The staff was very friendly and the food was delicious!


(First time wearing red lipstick, don’t judge!) 

Here are some of my best tips when traveling with children to SeaWorld:

  • If driving, make sure to take lots of snacks and movies with you.
  • Don’t forget your stroller when traveling with younger kids. You will save money on needing to rent one at the park.
  • If you plan on visiting SeaWorld, splurge on the animal cups. They are $16.99 for one, but only $1.00 to refill. That saves you $4-5 a person for each meal!
  • You can’t take food into SeaWorld. They only allow bottled waters and some small snacks, so be prepared to purchase some food.
  • Take in an extra set of clothes and towels into the park if you can. You will get wet! Whether from the rides, whales, or the splash pad.
  • If you stay at The Dana, they will give you a voucher for a buy one, get one pizza free. You can feed your family dinner for $14.00



We, of course, had to go see the beach and my kids just had a ball! It was beautiful weather and we made some wonderful memories and will definitely be visiting San Diego again.

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