Cute Cork Board

PicMonkey Collage dance party

Dance party!

This is a daily thing at our house, especially with the swimsuits.

It makes me happy

The project I did for this week is SO easy.  I am kinda ashamed to even be sharing it, but we are busy at this house getting ready for Swiss Days this weekend in Midway, Utah.


I will be selling these beauties!

I found this cork board at the thrift store for .25!



I needed a central location in our home for all the calenders, lunch menus, and reading coupons, etc.

(Why not the fridge you ask? I save that for our girl’s artwork. 🙂 )

I wanted it to be a little more pleasing to look at so I covered it with some extra fabric I had.

I literally stapled the fabric around the board and then added our family letter and there ya go!


I told ya SO easy!

I am planning on adding some hooks for backpacks and a bench and shoe storage for when the girls come home from school.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

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  20. Avatar rachel green says

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