My Top 15 Gifts For Tweens

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It that time of year!!

I have compiled a list of gifts for the tweens in your life. Hopefully, this helps you find the perfect gift! 


#1 How cute is this Birds on a Wire Picture Hanger  for your kiddos, I know my girls would think this is awesome! 


#2 What a cute idea! Give your tweens a sewing kit. Hours of fun! 


#3 Every time my girls find a guitar to play with they never want to put it down! 


#4 I have no words for this, but how freaking cool!! 


#5 I don’t know any kid that wouldn’t love a giant gummy bear


#6 I know this is a list for tweens, but I love these so much, too! Gold Headphones


#7 Its a Simon Swipe Game! We all loved the classic one and now the new generation can enjoy this super frustrating game! 


#8 An indoor soccer challenge game. My kids would go nuts for this! 


#9 For the music lover tween in your life! A karaoke machine! They can have so much fun singing their favorite tunes! 


#10 Is your child always preforming something for you? Mine is and that is why I think this would be a perfect gift for the entertainer. 


#11 Homemade lip balm! Now maybe the tween in your life won’t go through the ones you buy for them in one day. Made with all natural ingredients. 


#12 Don’t kids love all things gross. This is called an infectious disease ball. Lovely!


#13 You play the guitar on your shirt! Genius!!


#14 The Game of Life Fame edition. For the tweens who dream of being a supermodel or rock star! 


#15 Guitar Pick Punch. Make a pick out of anything, old hotel keys, student ID’s, and even credit cards! (Maybe keep those out of reach.) 


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