Floral Crown

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I have been seeing floral crowns everywhere lately and I thought it was the cutest idea to try to do for my girls for Easter.  They are so so easy to make and I ended up making three crowns for about $20 total.  Not too shabby.

floral crowns

Floral Crown Instructions

  • I started with 4 bouquets of flowers I found at a floral wholesaler.
  • I then got some wired twine and measured my girls heads and shaped it into a circle.
  • I then made miniature bouquets of flowers and wrapped them in floral tape and secured them to the twine.
  • That’s it! Just keep securing your mini bouquets around the circle until it’s all filled up.

PicMonkey Collage 5

The floral crowns should last you throughout the day and make sure if you do make these to take lots of pics and come back and share with us!

PicMonkey Collage floral crowns

My girls being girls loved the crowns when they were home and no one could see them, but once we got to church they got all embarrassed that they were the only ones that had flowers on their head.  They asked to take them off and me being the awesome sensitive mother that I am promptly told them “Heck No!”

Mom of the year here people!

I’m sure if you make these for your princesses you wouldn’t let them feel embarrassed wearing them but man I couldn’t do it.  GAH! I put too much time into making them! I do have to say that after they got all the compliments from everyone on how pretty they looked they felt better.  Jeez!

Little Girls With Floral Crowns




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  1. Avatar Jessica Pace says

    So cute! Those little ladies look JUST like Dru.

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