10 Back To School Ideas

It’s coming! Can I just tell you how excited I am for school to start. Don’t get me wrong I love my girls, but towards the middle of August the anxiety and excitement starts and it becomes so overwhelming for them that they become like little monsters! Am I the only one this happens to? By this time next month all the kiddos will be back in school and I will have some semblance of order once again in my house! Thank the Lord!! Lately I have been skimming over Pinterest to check out some back to school tips and tricks to help me and my kids get ready for the school year! I found some really cute ideas. I’m guilty of pinning tons of things and never doing anything with them EVER! (You don’t do that do you?) Well these ideas are really useful and super cute without taking a TON of work and time out of my day. I’m the kind of person that likes to put things together that are fast and easy so these are right up my alley. Check out my list of 10 back to school ideas that you might actually use.

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#1 is the most adorable little DIY apple box you can print out! How cute is this!? I thought they would be great for your little one to take to school for their snack or as a classroom snack! Find the tutorial here!


#2 is pretty self explanatory, but what a fun project for your students to do! Such a great way to keep their pencils personalized. Find the tutorial here!


#3 is an after school checklist! I have 3 full time students at home and I try to remember what they need to do that day for homework, but its gets real confusing real fast so I saw this from Whipperberry and I thought YES, finally I can keep it all straight! Find this cute printable here!


 #4 is a helpful teacher gift! How simple and cute is this! Find the printable here!


#5 is an adorable checklist. I am a huge fan of lists and being able to check things off so this is my favorite! Go check it out here!


#6 These are cute lunch box love notes!! My kids go crazy for these! Download them here!


#7 A chalkboard pencil case! I love this! Made out of chalkboard vinyl, she shows you how to make your own! It includes great pictures that even non sewers can follow (cough..me..cough) Go check out her tutorial here!


#8 Homework at our house consists of “You have my favorite pencil!” or “I need a ruler with centimeters on it. Where is it!?” Trying to keep all of that organized and in one space is nearly impossible! Go see how this blogger figured out the best way to keep it all together and making it look cute at the same time!



#9 I get in a huge rut when it comes to school lunches. I saw this list and literally my head went “Hallelujah!” I am going to hang this on my fridge and go to it when I need ideas. I will probably use it as my shopping list, too! Check it out here!



#10 is pretty awesome! I work full time now and I will NEED this! Check out all the recipes here!

I hope you found something that inspires you! The most wonderful time of the year is approaching and I feel more prepared now that I have these ideas to help!




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