Witches Brew Party Treat

Can you believe that Halloween is just two and a half weeks away? It’s time to start thinking about costumes, food, and parties. I love, love, love this time of year simply for the time with friends and family and the fun we all have. To get my Halloween started I joined with a bunch of other bloggers for the annual Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2017 created by Laura Kelly and submitted my Witches Brew Party Treat idea.
We were sent a cute package of goodies, including a paper popcorn box. Our job is to design something for Halloween using this box and any other supplies we wanted to use. Be sure to check out all the other ideas below and enter the giveaway!
Halloween Popcorn Box

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Our Crazy Fun Halloween Party

Some times I wonder about us! We decided a few weeks ago to throw a big Halloween party and then the work and planning started. It’s hard! Parties like these are not easy to throw! But, in the end we had the best time gathering all our friends and family together for a fun time! It was so worth the time and energy, and even a 3 hour rain storm. Join us as we give you a tour of what we did and hopefully this will give you some ideas for any activities you are planning.

Jessica has the perfect house to throw a spooky soiree with all the trees, falling leaves, and creepy dark corners. As you drove up to her home this is what you saw.


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Polka Dot Poplars is Two!


What?! How is that possible? Time flies when your having fun and our blog has been so fun! We’ve met so many amazing people and had amazing opportunities because of our little “spot” on the web. Thanks so much for being a part of our journey!  Please join us next week for some giveaways and fun.

Here’s a fun little tip if you’re planning a party…

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Summer Reflections

I can’t believe it’s October already.  I know everyone says “Where does the time go?”, but really….WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Warning:  This is going to be a long, photo heavy post. 🙂

My summer was lovely for the most part.  Full of family and great times.  It started out with a huge stumbling stone, though, or should I say a boulder, or maybe mountain, to cross over.

Ashley, her kids, and I had been planning a two week trip to Oklahoma to see family and then to Branson, MO for some fun.  We had just bought a new to us car and drove it to Kansas to spend a few days with Ashley and her family then head to Oklahoma from there.  



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