Witches Brew Party Treat

Can you believe that Halloween is just two and a half weeks away? It’s time to start thinking about costumes, food, and parties. I love, love, love this time of year simply for the time with friends and family and the fun we all have. To get my Halloween started I joined with a bunch of other bloggers for the annual Halloween Popcorn Box Party 2017 created by Laura Kelly and submitted my Witches Brew Party Treat idea.
We were sent a cute package of goodies, including a paper popcorn box. Our job is to design something for Halloween using this box and any other supplies we wanted to use. Be sure to check out all the other ideas below and enter the giveaway!
Halloween Popcorn Box

I decided to go with a witches brew idea and turn the popcorn box into a cauldron. Witches brew has all kinds of funky stuff in it so along with some green chocolate popcorn I add creepy spiders, skulls, fingers, eyeballs, and snakes. Wouldn’t these be great party favors for a witchy party? If you want to make some of these here’s what I did.

Witches Brew Supplies


Witches Brew Supplies

  • Popcorn Boxes (World Market)
  • Black Paint (I used spray paint.)
  • Four Wooden Knobs (I got mine at Walmart.)
  • Popcorn
  • Bright Green White Chocolate Melts (Isn’t witches brew a gross green? 🙂
  • Scary Trinkets (Walmart)
  • Halloween Candy (candy corn, Sixlets, chocolate eye balls, etc.)
  • Labels
  • Glue Gun

Witches Brew Instructions


  • Paint your popcorn box cauldron and wood knobs black. Let dry.
  • Open up the box and tape the bottom to keep it from collapsing. 

Witches Cauldron Supplies

  • Glue a black knob on each corner of the bottom.

Witches Cauldron

  •  Cut out a label and glue it to one side of the box. (I used the whole square, but you could cut the middle part of the label out and use it.

Witches Brew LabelWitches Brew

  • Make your green chocolate popcorn. I used an air popper to make mine, but you could use plain unbuttered microwave popcorn. Let the popcorn cool. Melt the chocolate as directed on the package and pour over the popcorn and mix well. Let it cool completely.

Popcorn and Chocolate Melts

Chocolate Popcorn

  • Once the popcorn has hardened break it up into smaller pieces and combine with Halloween candy. I used candy corn and purple Sixlets I found in the party aisle. I thought these could look like bubbles in the brew.

Chocolate Popcorn and Candy

  • Fill your witches cauldron popcorn boxes with your mix leaving room at the top for all the fun Halloween trinkets.

Halloween Trinkets

Witches Brew Treat Idea

All done and so easy don’t you think. They are pretty inexpensive to make, too, which is my favorite part. Each one is about $1.00 to make.

Here are all the other great ideas. I’m blown away by all the creativity.

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Witches Brew Party Idea

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