Upcycled Flower Planters

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I’m so excited that Spring has arrived. At least on the calendar it says so. Our weather here in Utah has been all over the place. Has yours? Oh well, eventually it will get here in full force and I can get outside more and do some planting. In the meantime I’ve been making some upcycled garden planters using items I found at our local thrift store.

Flowers and Vintage Items

I was motivated by a group I am in to get some planting done. I’m hoping this gives me a head start so I can get on to some vegetable and other flower gardening I need to do. Each month this group finds something from a thrift store, garage sale or resale store to refurbish and give it a new use. To see what it’s all about read below. I just know you’re going to be inspired by all the beautiful projects. You will also see how I used some cool vintage items to create my planters.

Upcycle Project

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Paint Stick Garden Markers

diy garden markers

Hello! Today I’m sharing a quick and easy garden marker idea that I recently made and thought maybe you might find it helpful.

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Got Zucchini?

Do you have an overabundance of zucchini from your garden laying around and you’re getting tired of the same old zucchini recipes.  I discovered a recipe that I just love and added a few tweaks of my own.

First, I wanted to show you some home decor shots I took while I was visiting these cuties in Kansas a few weeks ago.


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Talents (Artsy Weekend Retreat Recap)

This last weekend I was surrounded by so many gifted people and it proved to me once again that every person has been blessed with amazing talents all their own.  Many have visual talents like art and home decor.  Others have the gift of making those around them feel loved and cherished.  Every person is different and should strive to develop their own talents and share them with others.  It amazed me to sit in a room with 15 people with totally different personalities and talents and watch them create and associate with the others in the room.  There are no words for the feelings that were felt during our two days together.  Tears were shed, personal stories shared, explosions of laughter, art created, and lifetime friends made.  To me it’s what makes this world an amazing place to live; each of us is so different but as we come together so much joy is shared.

Art 2

This is art created by Leslie.  She was amazing.  I did take photos of other pieces but got home and had lost them.  I am so sad.

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