Talents (Artsy Weekend Retreat Recap)

This last weekend I was surrounded by so many gifted people and it proved to me once again that every person has been blessed with amazing talents all their own.  Many have visual talents like art and home decor.  Others have the gift of making those around them feel loved and cherished.  Every person is different and should strive to develop their own talents and share them with others.  It amazed me to sit in a room with 15 people with totally different personalities and talents and watch them create and associate with the others in the room.  There are no words for the feelings that were felt during our two days together.  Tears were shed, personal stories shared, explosions of laughter, art created, and lifetime friends made.  To me it’s what makes this world an amazing place to live; each of us is so different but as we come together so much joy is shared.

Art 2

This is art created by Leslie.  She was amazing.  I did take photos of other pieces but got home and had lost them.  I am so sad.

Many members of my family are artists.  I’ve been surrounded by creative people most of my life, so a big part of my life is creating (scrapbooking, tole painting, sewing, etc.), but I had never tried fine art type mediums like acrylics, charcoals, watercolors, oils, etc.  When I had heard about this retreat I thought this was my chance to learn something new and I think I’m addicted already.   My Dad graduated with a degree in art.  Here is a sample of his work.


My brother is also an amazing natural artist and blows me away.  My grandmothers were both extremely creative.

First of all, a big shout out to Marci Welcker of Fallow Field Farm who is the fabulous founder of this retreat.  I’ve been to two now and let me tell you every detail is covered.  Marci thinks outside of the box when planning these events and puts her heart and soul into everything she does.


Our teacher, Jeanne Oliver, flew in from Colorado to teach us her love of mixed media art.  She basically creates art using a combination of many types of different mediums.  You must go to her website.  Jeanne Oliver Designs.

www.polkadotpoplars.comJeanne is on the left.  Tonya LeMone is on the right.

We also gathered in an incredibly beautiful home on the hills of Draper, Utah overlooking the Salt Lake valley.  Incredible!  Talk about talented.  Jamie Soucy has an amazing eye for home decor.  Being surrounded by such beauty certainly helped in our creative process.  Here are some pictures of her home:

Jamie 4

Jamie 2

Jamie 3


Art 4

Yes, she has this in her home and we danced.

We also were able to go to a local flea market full of more amazing talent.  Not only were there antiques and collectibles there were amazing works of art.

www.polkadotpoplars.comThis is made from a train case.

To finish the weekend off we were wisked away to an enchanted and magical garden for dinner in Linden, Utah.  Tonya LeMone (pictured above) of Perennial Gardens is the talent behind the gardens and dinner.  There is simply not the words to describe the world we walked into.  Many of us just got tears in our eyes.

www.polkadotpoplars.comWe were greeted with Italian Sodas


 This is a charming latter her kids climbed to play with the neighbors.


 Our table.  Tonya throws all kinds of events, including wedding receptions.


Tonya 15

Tonya 18

Tonya 14

Tonya 13

Tonya 12

One of the buildings in her yard houses her craft area.

Tonya 9

A guest cottage

Tonya 8

Tonya 5

Tonya 7

Tonya 4

tonya 3



This is what I think heaven will be.  Would you believe all of this is on half an acre?  The food was glorious.  We were served and treated like queens.

Thanks for letting me reminisce with you.  I hope you get some fun ideas for your gardens from these pictures and will work at developing your talents what ever they may be and share them with us here.


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