Artsy Weekend

I am so thrilled to have been asked to teach at this upcoming event:

I have attended a few of Marci’s events and there are no words to describe the experience.

Every detail has been thought out.

I love retreats and being able to get away for a while, but sometimes finding the time to do that is almost impossible.  That’s why this is perfect.  It’s one full day of fun, relaxation, and pampering.  The bonus is being able work on Christmas crafts and cards, projects you haven’t been able to finish, and just catching up with friends and meeting new people.  The sweet gals I’ve met at Marci’s events will be treasured lifelong friends.

All of the information you need is above.

In addition to what you already will get there will be two craft classes taught.  That’s where I come in.  I’ve created some fun 12 day advent calendars in two different color combos.  I will have everything you will need to create your own.  I will also have piles of ephemera, paper, and embellishments to make your calendar your own.

Rustic Advent

Dana will also be teaching a class.  She is amazingly creative and I have always loved her unique designs.

dana elf collage

I hope you will be able to attend.

For more info please go to Marci’s blog

P.S.  Please check back tomorrow and Saturday for some fun Halloween decor ideas.  My daughters may not be too happy with part of it.  Shhhhhh. Heeee,  Heeee.

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There are so many things I could say but I will just start with the basics. Mother to 4. Grandmother to 11 (Yes, 11. All under the age of 9.) I am a former Army wife and we spent 15 years traveling around the world. It was such a thrill to have seen so many places and meeting lifetime friends. I spent many years working in the craft industry and love getting together with friends and creating. I have a lifelong love of thrift shops, antiques, and yard sales.

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