Father’s Day Candy Bar Book

I don’t know any man who doesn’t like candy, so I thought it would fun to make a variation of the candy bar poster for Father’s Day.


I gathered some candy that I thought would make some good statements, a black poster board, some rings, and the printable below.

Here’s how my I put mine together:

I cut six 8″x8″ squares from the poster board. Then I punched two holes on the top of each piece for the rings. Then I cut the words in strips and glued them on. I used hot glue for the candy.




Here’s the layout of each page:

Page One – Dear SUGAR DADDY, Happy Father’s Day

Page Two – You are such a SWEETART

Page Three – We hope this shows you how EXTRA special you are to us

Page Four – We love you to REESES PIECES

Page Five – We love how you make us SNICKERS

Page Six – and we love all your cool TWIX

Page Seven – You are M&M’s. Marvelous and Magnificent

Page Eight –  and a GOOD & PLENTY Father

Page Nine – We hope this doesn’t make you ROLOver and get sick

Page Ten – We wish we could have gotten you a trip to New YORK

Page Eleven – You are the best Dad in the whole MILKY WAY

Page Twelve – and we hope you have a WHOPPERS of a day

Here’s the printable if you’d like to use it:




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