Gratitude Journals

Each of us is so very blessed and have so much to be grateful for.  Some times when we are going through rough times it helps to think about the good things in our lives.  What’s even better is writing down our blessings in a journal so that we can refer back to them when times are hard.

Recently our women’s group at church (Relief Society) got together for a Gratitude Dinner.  We had different soups, breads, and desserts.  An awesome video had been made beforehand interviewing several members about what they were thankful for.  Part of the evening was watching this together.  As a handout I prepared gratitude journals for everyone.  Here’s what I did.

Wouldn’t these be a meaningful favor to give to your family and friends on Thanksgiving?

I purchase junior legal pads from Walmart.  They come in a pack of six for $1.77.  I gathered some of my scrapbook paper, flowers, ribbon, buttons, and washi tape.


 Cut your paper 5″x8″.  I pinked one 5″ side.


 On the back side of the paper run glue stick or a tape runner along the top.


Lifting the top edge of the pad tuck in the glued side up under the lip.  This will hold the cover in place.


 I found the cute printables at All Things Bright and Beautiful.  Here is the link to the pdf.


 I then added washi tape to the top bar and added some flowers and buttons.


Each one was different.  The final touch was a ribbon and a pen.


Having a gratitude journal has been a blessing to me.  A personal place for me to write my thoughts.  There’s no need to have anything fancy.  The important thing is that you write your blessings down.

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