Father’s Day Candy Bar Book

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach they say, so I thought it would fun to make a variation of the candy bar poster for Father’s Day and made a Father’s Day candy bar book instead.

Candy Bar Poster

Father’s Day Candy Bar Book Supplies


I gathered a bunch of candy that I thought could be a part of some loving statements (see list below), a black poster board, some rings, and the printable below.

Here’s how my I put mine together:

Father’s Day Candy Bar Book Instructions


I cut six 8″x8″ squares from the poster board. Then I punched two holes on the top of each piece for the rings. Then I cut the words in strips and glued them on. I used hot glue for the candy.

Candy Bar Poster

Candy Bar Poster

Candy Bar Poster

Here’s the layout of each page:

Page One – Dear SUGAR DADDY, Happy Father’s Day!

Page Two – You are such a SWEETART

Page Three – We hope this shows you how EXTRA special you are to us

Page Four – We love you to REESES PIECES

Page Five – We love how you make us SNICKERS

Page Six – and we love all your cool TWIX

Page Seven – You are M&M’s. Marvelous and Magnificent

Page Eight –  and a GOOD & PLENTY Father

Page Nine – We hope this doesn’t make you ROLOver and get sick

Page Ten – We wish we could have gotten you a trip to New YORK

Page Eleven – You are the best Dad in the whole MILKY WAY

Page Twelve – and we hope you have a WHOPPERS of a day

Here’s the printable if you’d like to use it:




If you don’t mind would you pin this for us for others to see. Thanks so much.

Candy Bar Poster


Here’s another fun idea that kid’s could make for their dads.

Wood pieces glued together to look like a dad.


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  2. This is an adorable gift idea! Any dad (or guy) would love this! Pinned!

  3. Darn cute! In their younger days my kids would have loved this, now they would still “eat it up”! Pinned.

  4. This is such a lovely idea!! Will be making this for sure with my kiddies!

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