Sydney’s Birth Story

It has been quite a while since I have written anything on our blog, but I wanted to document my sweet Sydney’s birth story.  I LOVE to read other birth stories and wanted to share.  My mom brain has been getting worse (am I right mommas?) So I wanted to write it down before I forget everything.

My due date was on July 15th, but I decided to be induced on July 8th.  I was so big and so swollen and I wanted to be done.  I was already dialated at a 2 and 90% effaced.  We were told to come to the hospital at midnight which seemed strange and I still have no idea why, but once we got there I got undressed and put on the hospital gown.  


I should also add at this point, that my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with a second child for 2 and a half years.  I did take some medication to help, but that didn’t work and we couldn’t afford to do anything else.  So, my husband and I were thrilled to finally get to this point.  We couldn’t wait to love on her!

Anyway, they hooked me up to an IV to get an antibiotic since my Group B Strep (GBS) test came back positive. After that the nurses gave me Pitocin and I was feeling pretty good.  I felt a little bit nauseous, but other than that I was fine.  I felt the contractions coming on, but they weren’t too painful yet.  I was so lucky to have my mom and older sister in the room with us, too! By now it was probably around 3 or 4 in the morning and the contractions were getting stronger.  I was getting a bit uncomfortable, but I wanted to go as long as I could without an Epidural.   I told myself that I could do it.  I was dialated to a 5. 

Well scratch that idea! A little later I was hurting… bad! I needed to get the Epidural! So, they called the Anesthesiologist and he came in with his cart.  Apparently, one of the nurses whispered to my mom that he was an ornery guy and not to talk to him or touch his cart or anything, ha!  So, I was sitting sideways on the bed with my legs crossed, bent over.  I hated this part! He had to do it TWICE! The first time he hit something like a vein? and I bled a bit, but the second time he put the needle in I was an emotional wreck! I started crying into my pillow and I couldn’t stop!  The nurses were concerned.  My Anesthesiologist was concerned.  My husband was concerned!  It wasn’t from the pain or anything, I just felt so tired and my body was going through so much.  Now that I think back on it, I’m kinda embarrassed! Ha!

After he got my Epidural in and I was comfortable back in bed, life was good!!  I was comfy.  I could sleep.  My husband and mom could sleep, too.  

Well, fast forward to about 7:00 AM.  I had slept a little bit, but I kept having to move around in my bed because my hips hurt.  I was dialated to a 7.  

We hung out and waited.  About 9 AM I was dialated to a 9.  Almost there!  In the back of my mind, I was a little worried about pushing.  With my first pregnancy, I pushed for 4 hours.  In between pushing I would literally fall asleep because I was exhausted.  I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen this time around.

Well, at 11:00 I was a 10 and in the worst pain of my life.  Every time a contraction came my left lower side would be in excruciating pain.  I thought that her head was hitting a nerve or something.  It was awful!  I kept hitting that Epidural button, the one that ejects more meds in and it was NOT touching it.  I was crying and just wanted a little relief from it.  Another Anesthesiologist came in and injected a stronger dosage.  IT WAS HEAVEN! Love whoever that guy was!  The nurse called the doctor and told him I was at a 10. 

Since I was worried about pushing for a long time, the nurse suggested that I not push yet and let the baby slide down herself, naturally.  After about 45 minutes, the nurse told me to start pushing.  I pushed a couple of times and she told me to stop.  The baby was coming! Luckily, the doctor was in doing a Cesarean section and walked into the room at that moment.  He was busy putting on his gown and gloves when I felt the baby moving down.  I. Was. Not. Pushing. At. All!  She was sliding out herself!  The nurse had to put her hand over the baby’s head and hold her until the doctor came over.  She was here!!

PicMonkey Collage   Sydney Paige Snow

7 Lbs. 12 Oz.  

20 1/2 In.  

Born at 12:16PM 

PicMonkey Collage3
Big brother was so excited to finally meet her!

PicMonkey Collage2



She was perfect! And has TONS of hair!

It has definitely been an adjustment, but we are doing great and taking it a day at a time! I love being a mom to my two beautiful kids!

I’ve healed really well and haven’t had any complications. 

PicMonkey Collage4

PicMonkey Collage5


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