10 Photos To Take If Your Baby Is In The NICU

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NICU Photos

I have seen a MILLION posts about what pictures you should take after your baby is born, in the crib, in your arms, the cute toes and fingers and then swaddled like a cute burrito!  I love these pics and especially when they capture your story but, sometimes moms don’t get that fairytale story. Sometimes our precious little ones end up in the NICU.


I want to share how we moms can still capture those precious moments even though our little one is hooked up to wires and tubes and has to stay in that little box.

Here are 10 pictures you should take if your child ends up in the NICU:

You will want to capture the entrance; those swinging doors you will walk through about 8 time a day.


When your baby is in the NICU they are automatically put on a schedule. Take a picture of the clock. Our baby was on the 2:00, 5:00, 8:00, and 11:00 schedule.  You will use this to time your breastfeeding progress as well.

Time in the NICU

Of course, take pictures of your little one! They are so small and even though it may be scary now to see them hooked up to everything, one day you will want to remember all this.

Baby in the NICU

Because they are so small take photos to show how tiny they were compared to your size. I love those tiny toes!

Tiny NICU Baby

Capture those moments when you are making progress! We got to feed our baby from a bottle every other feeding instead of him getting his nourishment just from his feeding tube. It was my favorite part of the day until I actually got to breastfeed him.

NICU Baby Eating

Take a picture of your view from your wonderful chair.


Capture your surroundings!

NICU Wires and Tubes

Get all those special times when your baby does something new or when they are just adorable!

NICU Babies

Next, capture those moments when you get to touch or hold your baby; they are few and far between.

Sweet NICU Baby

And finally take a picture of what you do when you aren’t with your little one. Yes, I sat in my room and watched my little boy’s every move on my computer. I’m obsessive compulsive like that.

NICU Baby Watching

I sincerely pray that your little one is born healthy and happy and that you don’t end up here, but just in case you do this is something you can do to make the time a little better.



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  1. Avatar Katharine says

    Thank you so much for this post and sharing your sweet little one. As a Mom of 3 NICU babies I truely apprichate it.

  2. I just came across this post from facebook preemie page and automatically recognized this nicu. ITs the same one my daughter was in a few months ago for 2.5 months. So crazy!!! I love this, The nicu is such a sad place sometimes but these babies need pics of their journey into this world. I look back at all the pics of her in the hospital and it just makes me so thankful of all of her accomplishements.

  3. Avatar Emmalynn says

    Thankyou for this post. It’s beautiful. My first daughter was a special care baby for 8 days when she was born at 35+5, it was hard not being allowed to hold her constantly, only for 15 minutes here and there. And my second daughter was a nicu babe for 5 days in a completely different hospital 🙁

  4. Thank you for your post. Yet again im a watery mess, its was those bloody doors! 🙂 I had to laugh at myself, i sorta sucked my breathe in, its what ill be doing in 4hrs just before i see my daughter on the other side of the doors. I think my chair needs a big cushion or my bum needs to get bigger as this is only day 5 and her expected stay is for 7 or 8 weeks. Beautiful heart felt pictures and never thought about b/w photos. Thank you

  5. There was a couple photos I wished I had taken of the fantastic nurses that took care of our boy for the 6 1/2 weeks he was in the NICU.

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  8. Avatar Danielle Crafton says

    Thank you my baby is 11 days old today and we are supposed to go home today if everything goes good. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Avatar Henry Larry says

    Grateful for these invaluable photo ideas. Going through NICU moments can be tough but capturing these moments truly helps build a resilient memory lane for both parents and the little ones. Sharing this post with friends going through similar experiences.
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