Mini Trifle

Hello readers!

I came across this picture today and I laughed so hard!


Sorry Britt! ( I know these are the most UNFLATTERING pictures EVER!) Every time my sisters and I get together we always end up laughing so hard we almost pee our pants! ALMOST!

Tis the season for being grateful so here is one of mine,

I am so grateful to have amazing sisters.  They are my best friends and I know they know that no matter what happens or how far apart we live, we can get together and its like no time has passed at all.

Don’t worry Ash I will find some of you too!

Anyways, I wanted to share a SUPER easy treat with you!


I cut up some vanilla pound cake.

Added some lemon curd on top of that.

Then some fruit. It can really be any fruit, but I used strawberries.

Then some whip cream on top.

You can layer it if you’d like to make it even better!

My girls love this for breakfast sometimes.

Soooo Good!


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