Lemon Hand Scrub


Washing dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning play havoc on my hands. How about yours? I feel like I’m always fighting to keep my hands moisturized. Here’s an awesome sugar scrub that I use for my hands that not only removes dry skin, but moisturizes at the same time. I like to use it right after I was dishes while my hands are moist. This also makes a great gift, too.

2 Tbl. Coconut Oil

1 Cup Sugar

1 tsp. Lemon Zest

Few drops of lemon oil (can also use lemon extract)

Soften the coconut oil in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Do not melt. Add in sugar, zest, and lemon oil and mix together well. Place in a jar or container to keep it fresh. This will stay fresh out of the fridge for two weeks.

To use: Gently rub a few teaspoons of the scrub on your hands for about a minute.  Rinse in warm water. Dry.

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There are so many things I could say but I will just start with the basics. Mother to 4. Grandmother to 11 (Yes, 11. All under the age of 9.) I am a former Army wife and we spent 15 years traveling around the world. It was such a thrill to have seen so many places and meeting lifetime friends. I spent many years working in the craft industry and love getting together with friends and creating. I have a lifelong love of thrift shops, antiques, and yard sales.


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