Gray Hair, Wrinkles, and My Turkey Neck

Watching myself get older is not a fun process.  While I’m grateful for wisdom that only comes with age, for being healthy, for being in a place in my life that I really enjoy, and being proud of the children I raised and that are productive members of society, I don’t like the decline and loss my body is going through. What is with the jowls, the age spots, the thinning hair, arthritis, and the loss of skin tone?  The other day I was even asked if I was a senior citizen.  What!??? At that point I knew I had to do something.  While it’s somewhat comforting to know that everyone goes through the same things I sometimes  just wish I still had the appearance of my 21 year old self.

Or why can’t I still have the energy and skin of my three year old self.

or even my 24 year old self.

When I was younger I never thought I would have the feelings I do now about the way I look.  I thought I would be invincible to the damaging rays of the sun, some eating habits that could have improved, or the lack of sleep or stress we all experience.  NOT SO.  I also wasn’t blessed with the greatest of skin and it’s always been something I’ve been self conscious about.

I don’t view myself as a vain person, but don’t we all want to look our best?  We try creams and ointments, make up, cosmetic dentistry, etc. to cover up and treat the signs of aging.  But, aging is a part of life and there are ways to help ourselves look and feel younger.

Two weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity and was invited to visit with a plastic surgeon.  In exchange for writing about my experiences there I was given treatments of Botox and fillers.

I was a little nervous going in but that was immediately gone when I was greeted with such warmth and kindness.  Every person I met was incredibly kind.  I was given a tour of the office, including the treatment rooms and spa area.  Beautiful!

They carry top of the line products.

They even have a room where you can touch up your make up after a treatment.

I was so impressed with their advanced equipment and their knowledge of the most current techniques.  During my consultation I was given complete and professional advise and felt comfortable with the information I received for my own treatment.

Dr. Lucy Barr is the only female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the state of Utah.  She was incredibly kind and down to earth and I felt like she had all the time in the world for little ol me.  She specializes in facial plastic surgery and made sure I was completely comfortable.


To read more about Dr. Barr and the services she offers go to:

Barr Facial Plastic Surgery


Light Touch Medical

We talked about my skin and the treatments she offers.  I loved how she also brought up the good things about my skin and I was also impressed with her education process.  She showed me before and after photos, diagrams, etc., and I was knew everything I needed to know to make an educated decision about my treatment.

My biggest concern was the big crease in the middle of my forehead.  You know the one you get after years of squinting.  I always felt like I looked angry.  To make matters worse I have had a scare on my forehead since I was a little girl which made the line look worse.  With a Belotero filler she used a technique to break up the scar tissue and help it heal more smoothly.  For the actual huge wrinkle she used the muscle relaxant, Botox.  She also used some filler around my mouth.  I honestly didn’t feel much in the way of pain.  I did have some slight bruising and swelling, but now after two weeks I have noticed a natural difference and I’m very happy.

At 52 years old I know I will never look 21 again but with the small treatment I had I see and feel so much better.  I trust my skin 100% with Dr. Barr and her staff and would highly recommend anyone who has thought about having any facial treatments done to go see her.

Thanks so much Dr. Barr!

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