15 Amazing Uses For Lemons


It’s crazy how many uses there are for lemons. I can’t think of very many other items that have so many uses. Not only are they extremely useful in cooking and cleaning they are also very healthy containing nutrients such as Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Iron, and Calcium.

Here’s some of the best uses I found:


Drinking a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it each day can

  • strengthen your immune system against colds
  • restore your pH balance
  • help gastric problems
  • antibacterial
  • helping your kidney health
  • relieve sore throats


  • cleans grease and odor from your hands
  • can be used as an astringent
  • lightens age spots and freckles
  • added to sugar to slough off dry skin


  • whitens nails
  • softens cuticles
  • strengthens nails


  • keeps food from browning


  • Removes product buildup


  • Whitens
  • Helps with bad breath


  • removes hard to remove grease on appliances
  • removes hard water stains
  • cleans steal


  • cleans wood cutting boards


  • polishes copper


  • add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to whites in the washer to whiten


  • decorate with a bowl of lemons
  • freshens the air


  • add to drinks
  • top cakes and cookies with zest
  • peels placed on dishes


  • add to butters and oils


  • freshen your fridge
  • add peels to the bottom of your trash can
  • simmer peels and a pan of water to freshen the air
  • freshens dishwasher
  • add peels to garbage disposal


  • peels placed in brown sugar keep it soft
  • repels ants and insects
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