How to make your own watercolor home!

I am such a slacker! I haven’t been posting lately! I have been getting ready for the Vintage Whites show that is happening in Salt Lake on March 13 and 14th! YAY! I am seriously so excited to be apart of it, but it has been taking up much of my time. Lately I have been OBSESSED with these watercolor paintings I have seen many doing! I have been wanting one so badly but don’t want to shell out the $80+ bucks to get one done! These people are uber talented but man oh man that’s a lot of moolah! So I came up with an idea to do my own.


I LOVE my home and always want to remember the special times we have spent here and the memories made. Now, I don’t think I will ever just hang a picture of my house on my wall because I have a limited amount of wall space anyways so I cant spare it, but a cute watercolor painting is just adorable! I mean right!?

Here are my supplies


I started with a picture of our home and made it into black and white with Picmonkey and printed out a 8×10

 (No use wasting all your color ink!)


Now, for this part you can do 2 things to transfer the lines onto your canvas. You can either use some dark colored chalk and rubbed it all on the back of your paper or if you don’t have chalk you can use a pencil. Make sure you color it all in so that when you trace the outline of your home on your canvas, it will transfer over.

PicMonkey Collage

I used some lovely purple chalk and traced the outline of my home onto the canvas. Sorry the picture doesn’t show it so well. After you do this you can lightly trace the chalk lines with pencil so you can paint within the lines. I just used my kids watercolor set from Crayola, its what I have on hand. I suggest getting some nice brushes instead of using the brush that comes with the set. (Its crappy!)

When you start painting make sure you do one color at a time and let it dry before you start another color. It prevents bleeding.  I started with the dark color first and then slowly went to the lighter colors. One thing I will say is that make sure your brush is dry with the paint on it. If you have too much moisture if will sort of make a paint puddle on your canvas and will dry like that.

Blot blot blot people!


This is after I painted everything in and was starting to outline it all with a fine tip sharpie.


I used the sharpie to give it more detail like the lines on the garage and roof and around the stone. I of course left out our trailer next to our house and added some greenery to make it look pretty, but that’s just my preference.

Hey, its not perfect and I am always super critical about my projects, but I really like how it turned out. It took me part of the morning to finish it and gave me a little break from all the craziness around here.


I know I say things are easy but I know there are some of you out there that think that you couldn’t do this! You totally can!

But if you feel you can’t or just don’t have the time email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice to paint one for you. $40!


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