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We bought these stools when we moved into our home and they were serving the purpose, but not really what I wanted.  They were alright. We bought them at our local Walmart for around $30.00 a piece. Well, the other day we were having some friends over for game night and guys there is NO WAY I would let them sit on these! They were awful! I mean absolutely gross! And no matter how hard I tried to clean them it was no good. We needed something else.  My options are limited up here so I gave them a face lift.


Gross right!?

20140602_160221 (1)

Now they are so pretty!

This whole project only cost me about $10. I purchased the cheepy spray paint, got a yard of cute fabric, and a yard of clear vinyl.

I removed the seat of the stool and spray painted the frame. Each stool took 2 cans and then I just stapled on the fabric and then stapled on the vinyl and reattached the seat.


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