Happy Freezing Day today!

Here in Wyoming it was blizzarding (I know its not a word!).

And while I was working today and keeping my foot up (cause I dislocated it. OUCH!) my poor baby did this!


Poor cute face!

Well, while I was working I made these!


I’m calling them glampkins!

I am not a Halloweener (hehehe! I know, not a word either, but I like it!)

I don’t usually go all out for this holiday, but I wanted something up while I am working on my mantle (Check back later for that reveal!)

and I needed something child proof and pretty.  So, here ya go!

About a year ago I found a whole box of antique lace and I finally used it today.


It was so easy! I cut two rectangle pieces from some white fabric.  The size of the rectangles just depends on what size of pumpkins you want.  I layered the lace in the order I liked and sewed them on the rectangles.  I then sewed the two pieces into a rectangle pillow. I then made a stem.

DSC03442 DSC03443

I stuffed both the stem and pillow and then I gathered the stem and fabric together at the top and tied a ribbon around to hold it together and then added some more lace to the top.




I hope you like them!  What’s nice is that I can keep them displayed through the whole Fall season.

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  1. JESS!!! You are seriously so amazingly creative!! I love these! I hope your foot gets feeling better. 🙂

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