Faux Roman Shades

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Well last week I attempted to make some curtains for my sliding glass doors and it was a MAJOR fail. Well this week I attempted some faux roman shades.



Now my method of making these might be a little unconventional but I don’t care! Fake it till you make it, Right!?

All my windows have a blind on them and I didn’t really feel like having my shades hang from a curtain rod. So… I attached my curtains to the decorative molding piece that attaches to the top of my blinds. I think all blinds come with this special decorative piece.


See how it is now flush with my window molding. That’s how I like it.

This is an almost no-sew project, but I did do a little bit and I really mean a very little bit of sewing.

I started by measuring the inside of my window frame and cutting my fabric. Then I hemmed the sides of my fabric. I didn’t even do the top or bottom!!

Then starting from the back of my fabric I overlapped it to where I want my first fold to be.


I then pinned it in place. Making sure the smallest amount of pin showed through the other side.


Then I brought the bottom of my fabric all the way to the top again and pinned it. I only wanted 2 folds on my shades, but if you want more than that overlap the fabric again and pin in place. (Make sure you measure it. I learned the hard way the first time when I was just eyeballing it.)

20140224_130120Then I laid the trim piece from my blinds and duct tapped it to the board.

Don’t laugh!  Yes…I said I duct taped it.


Here is the reason why. If I sewed a pocket seam for it I wouldn’t be able to attach it again to my blinds and the duct tape was strong enough to hold it and I would still be able to hook it back on. I’m not completely crazy, no matter what my husband thinks.


It worked great and if I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have been able to tell I used duct tape and pins to make my faux roman shades.

And this little guy helped me out, too.


I hoped this helps make you less intimidated to make your own faux roman shades.

If I can do it you can, too!

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  1. I love the shades they’re so pretty! Hey if it works don’t fix it! My hubs says like I can imagine most hubbies do, that duct tape works for everything. I know that little guy helped, that face would help anyone get through a project! 😀

  2. Looks great! What is the name of the fabric you used?

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