Burlap Candy Cane

Ok, I know it isn’t the season quite yet, but when Hobby Lobby starts putting up Christmas stuff I figured why not!?



I had to snap a few pics before my neighbors saw this and I got some grief for having Christmas up already.

This isn’t a traditional wreath, but it is something that I think anyone can put together.

I started with an 18′ wire wreath form. (Buy here)

Candy Cane Wreath

Then I cut the wire where I thought the candy cane arch would end.

I pulled the rounded part straight.

The wire is not going to look pretty, but hey, no one looks at the back right!?

How to make a candy cane wreath

I then got a yard of red and a yard of white burlap.

(buy red here)

(buy white here)

I cut them into 4 inch strips and started gathering and folding it along the wire to make the poufs

I attached the burlap using hot glue, and yes I no longer have any finger tips, but I almost think it’s worth it.

To finish I added a green bow made with burlap ribbon. (buy here)

Burlap Candy Cane Wreath

I know I say I love all my projects, but I am really happy with how this turned out and I cant wait for the day after Thanksgiving to hang it up.

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