My Fall Wreath


Where did this kid come from!?

I mean seriously sometimes she says the funniest things!

Lately her thing to say when she is mad or frustrated with something is

“Oh Fluff Nuggets!”

Seriously! Sometimes she just makes my day!

This week it has been cooling down and I LOVE IT!

So it put me in the mood to put up my autumn decorations.

I needed a wreath for my door and so I thought I would make one.


Guys it is so easy!

I bought some burlap ribbon at Joanns and a 24 inch wire wreath form and some flowers.

I started bunching up the burlap and wiring it to the form using some floral wire I had.


I went around the form tucking and bunching? ruffling? gathering? as I went around the whole circle.

It doesnt have to be perfect, just do what looks good to you.

I used 1 roll of burlap ribbon for the whole wreath.

Next I just hot glued on my flowers in an arrangment I liked.


I know, I know there arent any green leaves in fall, but I liked it so much I dont care.

I love how it turned out and I like the proportions of the wreath to my door.


I hope you make something that makes you happy, too!

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  1. VERY CUTE!!!

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