DIY Geometric Wall

I just have to say that I did not come up with this idea. I saw this on Vintage Revivals and I fell in love with it!!! I decided to do it in my girls room and now that it is done I REALLY want to do it all over my home, but I don’t think my hubby with be down with that. 🙂


I used a Gold sharpie to make the lines and it was so EASY! Guys you gotta do this!! 

You can see how Vintage Revivals did her wall here

I followed her tutorial pretty much word for word, but I made my triangles 8 inches wide at the base instead of her 12 inches and I have a couple more tips I wanted to add so that when you try this it will go seamlessly.

1. Don’t zig zag across the wall. Make sure when you start the triangles that you always start on the same side of the wall. It will work out better that way. Promise!

2. Try not to touch the lines when your done drawing them, you will get fingerprints all over the wall and then you will have to spend time with a magic eraser going back over it.


If you try this please come back and share I would LOVE to see it!

I got the print from a reclaimologist show I did with my mom and sisters, I don’t think this is available anymore but they have a shop called Sincerely Us on Etsy and they have THE cutest things! 

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  1. I love this geometric wall art!! Thanks for sharing this project on The Pin Junkie. It’s being featured at tonight’s party. Hope you can stop by to grab a featured button and share another great project.

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