DIY Geometric Wall

I just have to say that I did not come up with this idea. I saw this on Vintage Revivals and I fell in love with it!!! I decided to do it in my girls room and now that it is done I REALLY want to do it all over my home, but I don’t think my hubby with be down with that. 🙂


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Pottery Barn Inspired Monogrammed Headboard

Happy Monday!

We were fortunate enough last week to guest post for Craft Baby!

If you didn’t get to see it here it is!

I have 3 girls and with those 3 girls come lots and lots of ideas on how to decorate their room and the most important part to me is the bed;              it’s the focal point of the room!  I saw this cute headboard from one day on Pinterest and I thought I had to do it!


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Old Clock, New Clock

Hello Readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I sure did, my family came up to help us celebrate our girl’s birthday and to bless our new baby. It was so great to have everyone here to support us!

Also our baby Oli smiled for the first time! (On purpose! Not just gas bubbles!!! YAY!)

Look at those cheeks!

oli smile

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