Sparkle Curtains


I hope you guys are staying warm and safe out there in this winter weather.

Sorry this is a day late for me, but our family got that lovely stomach bug that has been going around, Thankfully it only lasted a day. Whew!!

This week I took something ordinary and made it a little extra special and pretty.

I found these at Ikea for $5


They are just plain mesh curtains.

I purchased 3 yards of white ruffle trim and some gold glitter ribbon and sewed them on the top seam of the panel.


And when you scrunch them together they make a really cute accent to an otherwise boring curtain panel.



Now I really should work on getting Christmas up in our house.

I will do it this week!

I hope….

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  1. together they make a really cute accent am i right.

  2. Thank you for sharing your creative project with people!

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