Using Everyday Items For Christmas Decorating

There’s only 12 more days until Christmas. This is the time I get really excited.  

You probably have most of your Christmas decorating done by now. But, if you haven’t and need some ideas I thought I would share some ideas of ways I pulled items from my home and storage to add to my decor.

I used traditional colors this year so I walked around the house and found some red and green items that I thought would work. This old tool box is fun and I’ve used it to hold Christmas cards. I love that the red color fits right in.

I found this strainer that I’ve had forever and thought it looked like a Christmas tree.  I put a small set of lights inside and they glow perfectly through the holes. A battery powered candle would work great, too.

I love the look of a candle in a teacup. I used rock salt to hold the candle and just placed a tart tin underneath to add that little somethin, somethin. The red cookbook in the back adds to it’s cuteness.

This small upside down lamp shade works for a candle holder. There’s just something about Christmas and candles. They go perfect together I think.

When looking for items to use turn things upside down or try to think of other ways they can be used. Imaginations are wonderful things.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Thanks so much for following along on our Christmas Countdown 2014.  See ya tomorrow!

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