Outside Christmas Decor

Do you decorate your door or front porch for the holidays?  It’s been a while since I did anything more than hang a wreath.  The last few years have been a hard one since losing my son and I haven’t had the motivation.  This year I thought I would go all out because it certainly helps my Christmas spirit, but also it was Jeremy’s favorite holiday.  He would have the lights on the house in October.  He was an outdoor lighting technician and was always so proud of the Christmas lights he would hang on huge, beautiful homes.  I remember the times he would drive us around to see them.  So many good memories!


Here’s my front porch this year.  I used some of my old Christmas decor in a different way.  Rather than putting the candy canes along the walkway I put them in a vintage can.  The big ornaments on the tree are plastic and were different colors.  I use to hang them on a garland draped along my porch railing.  This year I sprayed them red and wired them on the tree.  


This chair is an oldie from my vintage market inventory.  I added a burlap bag cushion and the greenery I normally use on my front door.


I pulled my red table from my back patio and added a braided place mat, a lantern, and a tree I placed in an old vintage cookie tin.


I love my wood star and thought it added the perfect touch.


A small sign and a galvanized bucket of wood were my the final touches.  Now I wish it would snow a little to give it a little extra sparkle.  It’s in the high 50’s today.  What the heck?

My porch has really brightened my mood and I hope those who see it will know that we wish them the happiest of Christmas’.

See ya tomorrow.

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