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Have any of you tried WaterWipes yet? Wow! When I find a product I’m so impressed with I have to share it with all my mom friends. While shopping at my favorite store, Target, I saw them in the baby section and decided to try them after comparing the ingredients to the leading brand. In fact, I got two 60 count packs.


I didn’t realize there were so many chemicals in the wipes I bought normally. My new baby, Sydney, has sensitive skin (like me) and sometimes when I change her, I notice she gets little bumps on her upper thighs.  Well, I thought I would give these a try.  And guess what!? They totally work.

Why did I give these a try? Well, they are 100% chemical free.  They only contain 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.  That’s it.  How can they not be good for your newborn’s skin!? I love that the cloth is durable and will store unopened for up to 15 months. They recommend that once they are opened to use within a month. These natural wipes are also a premium European brand and the WaterWipes are not interfolded which keeps them sterile. It’s also recommended that you don’t transfer them to another container in order to keep them sterile.

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Another reason why I love using these is to wipe down Sydney’s goober face and hands.  When she was born she had clogged tear ducts and every morning her eyes would almost be sealed shut from her goopey eyes.  These have been an easy go to to in the morning.  And, in between baths, I use the wipes to clean in between her fingers and toes since she collects lint there sometimes.  

WaterWipes was recently awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association.

Seriously, give them a try! They are also super affordable too. Want to know where to find them? Check out this WaterWipes Store Locator.

Speaking of Target you can also enter to win a $100 gift card to Target. How cool is that!?

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