Hawaiian Chicken

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I have to share this Hawaiian chicken marinade with you.  It’s crazy delicious and has a sweet and tangy flavor.

Chicken Dish

1 Large Container (1.25 Quart) of Hawaiian Soy Sauce
4 Cloves of Garlic, Sliced
1 Bunch of Green Onions, Sliced
1/2 Cup of Sugar
3 1/2 Cups of Packed Brown Sugar
20 Chicken Thighs (The thighs soak up the marinade better than white meat and has a better flavor.)

Combine together and pour into a container that has a tightly fitting lid.  Add the chicken pieces and marinate for 24 hours.  Grill on a medium low heat until cooked through.

Did I say these are amazing?

Chicken Recipe

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  1. Sounds so yummy. Will have to try this.

  2. So I finally got to go to Walmart and they didn’t have the Hawaiian Soy Sauce. I guess It will have to wait until I get to visit Utah again. 🙁

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