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We went camping this last week and so I haven’t had a chance to finish the project I wanted to post about today.  So, instead I will share something I did a year ago, but it’s so cute I think you’ll like it!

By the way how stinkin cute is this picture!?


I love my grandpa!

I saw this idea a few years ago and decided to do it!

I put my girls into my wedding dress and took some pictures.  I plan on displaying them on their wedding day somehow.  But, I just love how they seem to glow in these pictures and it was a MAJOR plus that they LOVED being able to dress up in mommy’s special dress.

chloe sepia with logo

Aniston Black and White with logo

Kenslie 2 with logo



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  1. Avatar Christie Nakae says

    This is such a cute idea! I think I will try it with my two boys in their daddy’s Tux! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I am still new to setting up my blog for my photography business but would love any tips! Mine is at

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