DIY Crib Bench

Do you guys remember this post?


Well, I liked my new entry way table, but since then I have gotten some new furniture and it just doesn’t work anymore. So I took that

and this beautiful thing I found for $20!


(Sorry for the awful picture!)

and made these



I love this so much!!!

These are easier to make than you think.

I took the sides off of the changing table and attached them to the rail part of the crib and made them into the legs for the bench.

Then we made a frame for the seat of the bench.


After that we laid 2 1×6’s on top of the frame. We just measured the crib rail for the width of the seat. If you do this yourself it will depend on what kind of crib you find.


I filled in all the holes and painted it all white and distressed it a little bit.

With the smaller one we did almost the same thing except for making arm rests we just added a seat and front legs to the frame using 2×4’s. I’m was thinking that if you could find some stair spindles those would look beautiful with it, too.


This crib side had a super cute decal of a bear and a train on the back that I didn’t have the heart to paint over so this is how we left the back of the bench.


I think it gives it some character and it’s something that can be used and loved again. If you are fortunate enough to find antique cribs it’s so hard to not want to use them for what they are made for. But with safety regulations being what they are I feel better making it into something that can be used again instead of sitting in a storage unit somewhere.

Check back in with us to hear some exciting news about these benches and maybe you will be seeing some new ideas for them, too!

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  1. So cute! Great way to re-purpose.

  2. This is so pretty, I love how you left the back of it as is.

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