Easy Grape Juice Canning


This is the time of year when many types of grapes are ripe and ready to eat, juice, freeze, or make jelly out of.

There are several different ways to can grape juice and I’ve tried a few of them.  In the past I have borrowed juicing steamers which are awesome, but takes some time.  Juicers can be expensive, too.  

Another way is to cover your clean and stemmed grapes slightly with water in a large pot and simmering the heck out of them.  Then you strain the juice through a wire strainer and/or cheese cloth and process.  This also takes some time.

But, recently I found the easiest and quickest way to make grape juice.  This technique has been used for decades and the juice is delicious.

When I can I run my jars by themselves through the hottest setting in the dishwasher.  I sterilize the lids in boiling water keeping them hot until I place them on the jars.

For the grape juice I clean and stem the grapes.  I used a variety of grapes just for fun and a distinct flavor, but it’s not necessary. 


Place one cup of grapes into each of your jars.  Add half a cup of sugar and then fill the rest of the jar to a half inch from the top with boiling water. Wipe the top of the jar with a clean, wet cloth.  Top with a lid and ring and tighten slightly.  No need to shake or stir.  Process in a hot water or steam bath for 20 minutes.  


Afterwards, remove the bottles and let sit until the lids seal, approximately a half hour.  You will hear the lids pop when they seal.  That’s always a great sound.  The bottles should be stored for two months before drinking in order for the sugar to dissolve and juice to strengthen.  Depending on the grapes you use the juice will turn anywhere from a light pink to a deep purple.  Strain the grapes before drinking.  I’ve read that many use the grapes afterwards in yogurt and other recipes.  I think keeping the grapes in the bottles makes the juice so much more tasty.  

Every year I see so many grapes go to waste.  With this easy juice recipe there is no longer an excuse to not use them.

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