Easy Grape Juice Canning


This is the time of year when many types of grapes are ripe and ready to eat, juice, freeze, or make jelly out of.

There are several different ways to can grape juice and I’ve tried a few of them.  In the past I have borrowed juicing steamers which are awesome, but takes some time.  Juicers can be expensive, too.  

Another way is to cover your clean and stemmed grapes slightly with water in a large pot and simmering the heck out of them.  Then you strain the juice through a wire strainer and/or cheese cloth and process.  This also takes some time.

But, recently I found the easiest and quickest way to make grape juice.  This technique has been used for decades and the juice is delicious.

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Homemade Pearsauce

Its almost Fall everybody!!!!

I am really over summer and how hot its been. My girls started school last week and so far are really loving their teachers and this year they decided to be in separate classes. Gotta confess I was so nervous for them, I mean they have NEVER been away from each other for that long! EVER! but they did awesome and me being the overprotective mom that I am had nothing to worry about.

Look how cute they are!

PicMonkey Collage 5

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