Fondue For Two

I think fondue is so fun and delicious.  We don’t make it very often so it’s a special thing at our house.  We do take our candle fondue pots camping for a quick dessert.  We warm up chocolate and caramel and serve them with fruit and cookies.  The kids love it!

How about a sweet and romantic fondue for two for Valentine’s Day!

Having a fondue pot is great, but you don’t need anything fancy to pull off a successful fondue party for two.

I love how Cook Like A Champion used a simple ramekin to keep her chocolate warm.

fondue 2

Also, there’s no need for special sticks.  Just use wooden skewers or a fork.

Inspired Edibles uses a muffin tin to hold her ingredients.


Taste Of Home has a delicious cheese fondue recipe but what’s even better they use a soup bowl to hold the cheese sauce.

fondue 4

Fondue pots are fairly inexpensive.  They come in all sizes.  You can also find electric or candle heaters.

fondue 3

What’s nice about electric pots they can be used to heat broths to a pretty hot temperature to actually cook meats or vegetables.

Iowa Girl Eats shows how she used her mom’s old fondue pot.

Candle heaters are used mainly to keep your pre-cooked sauces warm.

fondue 5

Look at this romantic display from Hoosier Homemade.  She is using a candle warmer.

I love all of these ideas and hope that they inspire you to romance up your Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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