DIY Scary Cloth

Its almost Halloween Y’all!

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this holiday, but I feel like because I’m a mom and I want my kids to have good memories of our holidays at home I am forcing myself to decorate more and be more festive for this Halloween season.

So, in my small town in the middle of nowhere its really hard to find things you want to decorate with. I had to improvise this year and I have to say it turned out pretty cool! Our neighborhood really stepped up this year with their decorations and we had to keep up right!? 🙂 No, but really it turned out really fun and I want to show you what we did. It was really inexpensive and super easy to put together.

20141027_172400 (1)


We are fortunate enough to have a really cool archway over our door and so I wanted to make that the focal point.  I went to our local Joann’s and got 12 yards of cheesecloth. They come in packages of 6 yards each. I literally duct taped up the cloth to the inside of our archway. I started on one side and measured how far I wanted it to hang down then cut it from there going across the whole thing. After I did that I had some extra cloth so I layered it a little bit, too. After it was hung up I just used my fingers to stretch it and make some holes and make it extra spooky! I also added chains to spookify it more. The wind blows here all the time so I wasn’t so worried about having someone come through it because it blows to the side and all around. We haven’t had any problems with it. If you try this and feel like your guests won’t make it to the door feel free to make it shorter, it will still look cool!


Now, plants come to my house to die so these mums looked perfect next to our spooky house! And, of course you gotta add your kids creations in the mix!


A few weeks ago some friends and I got together to make these cheese cloth wreaths. We just wrapped some cheese cloth around a wreath form and roughed it up a little to make it not so cutesy and then embellished it with whatever we had around. So easy!

I am in the process of adding something else to make it look complete but its not quite finished yet, but here is a sneak peek!


I hope this year you are creating some lasting memories with your families, too. I know it can be difficult and sometimes messy and out of control, but I have to remind myself it’s not about the mess its about the time you spend with your family that make the lasting memories. I hope you share your Halloween décor with us, too! Share your pics with us on our Facebook page or share them on Instagram hashtag #polkadotpoplars

Love ya!




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