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Have you guys seen this on pinterest?


Well, I pinned it awhile ago thinking, “Oh my gosh!! I just fell in love with it!! I love the quote. I love the styling. Just everything!! Most of the time I pin something and it gets forgotten and hidden away in my thousands of pins. (I’m not the only one that does this right!?) But I could not get this out of my head! There wasn’t a tutorial for it either, so I had to figure out how to put this together. I knew this was a book page blown up, but guys I have no idea how to do that! “LIGHT BULB!” I knew staples did engineer prints so WHA-LA instant blown up book page! YAY!


I went to staples and had them make an engineer print of my page. I got the largest size they offered.  36X48

Then I got two 8 foot by 2 inch wood pieces and made a frame. I measured across the top of my page and made my frame 2 inches smaller, so my frame went around the inside of my page. I needed some overlap so I could staple the paper to the wood. I did the same to the side of my page. I cut the edges of my wood at 45 degree angles and then gorilla glued them together, but you could do just a straight edge frame, too. Either way would be cute! I stained my wood and then stapled my paper to the frame. Make sure you staple the top and bottom first then go around the sides to prevent any puckering.  I trimmed any excess paper around the edges and add some alligator clips to the back and hung it up.



I am so happy with how it turned out!

Ya know when you think of something and in your head it all makes sense and you think when you start it will all turn out great, but right in the middle of it, it starts looking like poo!? Well, that has happened to me SO many times! Like when I started making a paper garland for my Christmas tree and was sewing all these petals together. Let me just say. Barf! It didn’t work at all!! So I was literally doing a happy dance when this was finished and it ended up looking like how my imagination had wanted! YAY! Its the best feeling!!

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  1. Thank you for this! I too have the original pinned and have wanted to figure out so badly how to do this. xoxo

  2. Hi! I’ve been swooning over the original, too, and then I saw your post. Hoorah! Where did you find the book page to make the engineer print? Did you just print it from google, or…?

    • I actually made it, like typed it up myself from MS Word I believe I included the link to it on the post but if not I will add it. Thanks Im so glad you liked it!

  3. Could you possibly post the URL for the template? I couldn’t find it! Thank you

  4. I remember reading the link to how you did it on MS Word, but it isn’t listed anymore in the post. Would you mind reposting it?

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