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Happy Holidays Everyone! I truly hope you are feeling the spirit of Christmas in your life! I know I am! One reason I am enjoying Christmas so much this year is because of an amazing campaign we are a part of from mormon.org. “Light the World” encourages all of us to focus on service and showing our love for others (see the video in the sidebar on the right). I know when I focus on others, especially during a hard time in my life, I feel so much better and have so much more joy in my life. Serving, especially at Christmas, can give us a memorable holiday don’t you think?

Today I want to share this neat idea from Laura of pinkcakeplate.com, Dinner On Your Doorstep. I don’t know one person who wouldn’t appreciate having a meal brought to them and Laura has created some beautiful printables to help you give a meal to someone else.


Wouldn’t it be so fun to gather your family and make a dinner together for another family or friend in need? You could even just double what you are already making for yourselves. Laura has also included some of her favorite recipes if you’d like to use them instead and give a copy to the recipient. Aren’t these printables so beautiful!


Here are the steps she suggests you take to create a loving meal for a loved one.



Here are the printables for your use.






 This kit can be used in a variety of ways. If you want to just give sweet goodies there are printables for that, too.





I truly hope this kit has given you some ideas on how you can gift a meal or treat to another. They will be able to feel your love from each bite they take.


If you didn’t get a chance to see the kit my girls and I put together you can go here to see it.



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