Birds Nest Necklace


So I know mothers day is over but I couldn’t share this before because a certain mother on here would see what she was getting. wink!

But I think this would work for girlfriend gifts, birthday gifts and a “just because” gift.

I have seen these for sale and always thought they were so cute and I love that each bead represents a child,  but I didn’t want to spend the amount they were asking. I made these for less then half the amount of most I have seen out there and it was so easy!


20 gauge wire (in whatever color you like)

necklace chain (in whatever size you want)

beads for the eggs ( if you are adding more then 2 in the nest you will want semi smaller beads)

jump ring

needle nose pliers


Place your beads on the wire, make a small loop at the end to hold the beads on and then start wrapping the wire around the beads, you can wrap it as much as you want, until you like the result. When your finished wrapping cut the wire and add the jump ring onto it and then tuck the end into the rest of the wire securely. Add it onto your chain and that’s it!!! So easy and I think whatever special lady you give it to will love it!

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  1. Gorgeous necklace! Great tutorial too. I have never thought of making jewelry before but have it on my to-do list of things to try.

    • Jessica Peck Jessica Peck says

      Thank you shannah! It is so easy and it got me hooked! I hope you come back and share what you made!


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