4th of July Flapper Dress

Hello friends!

I hope you all have some fun plans for celebrating our Independence day.
I wanted to make something special for my girls to wear. The only place to buy some outfits here is Walmart and that means that everyone else in town will have the same stuff and because I am a procrastinator I didn’t order anything online.  So, I decided to make something.  Now I’m NOT a person that sews.  I don’t usually enjoy it, BUT I do know how to sew and if I can do this so can you!

4th of July fapper dress

4th of July 2

I started with buying a tank top from Walmart for $3 and then I had this fabric I bought from our Goodwill awhile ago that I thought would work perfectly. (I love it when you buy something and you have no idea what to do with it yet and then you have a project and it works perfectly with it!)

4th of July 3

I started by cutting the fabric 4 times the width of the shirt.  Then I cut 9 inch, 6 inch, and 3 inch strips.  I hemmed them with a 1/2 inch stitch and then ran another basting stitch on the opposite side to make a ruffle.  If you aren’t sure how to do that you can find a great tutorial here.  I then pinned the ruffles evenly around the bottom of the shirt and sewed them on.  Next, I made a sash with the extra fabric and sewed a straight seam on the top and bottom of the sash around the shirt overlapping the the ruffle seam so it doesn’t show and hemmed the edges.  That’s it!

4th collage

It turned out so cute and I love that all the girls match.
Yes, I’m that kinda mom.

And I want to say thank you to all those servicemen active and retired that sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy our freedom.  Being a former Army brat I know how much they and their families sacrifice to protect us.  So, thank you with all my heart!

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