My weekly finds!

So since the cat is out of the bag about my ridiculous love, I’m going to share some of my weekly finds!


Searching high and low is the trick to finding awesome treasures! I found a colorful set of children’s novels that I will definitely put to good use.  And then there’s my small tin plates. Oh how I love my tins! I adore the soft yellow color and the bird print! And to sparkle things up I came across a set of ten gold napkin rings.  Shiny things with intricate details are always a girls best friend!

Next week I will share how I’ve intermingled my finds into my home. Come back and check it out!

Ashley About Ashley

I am a mother of three, wifey to one, vintage-retro-thriftwhore kinda of girl! (Excuse my French) It took me a minute to figure out what my hobbies are. What do you tell people when they ask you what yours is? Me? I answer with "I don't have time for any." You should see the faces. So something had to change and this is where it has navigated me. I am a lover. A lover of the old, the haggard, the well-worn, the long living. A little collecting here and a little collecting there and one day the creative juices started flowing and WHAM BAM! My house started to become a home. .happyface. So here it is! My finds to yours.


  1. Lucky you! Those are great finds.

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